shinin' on

everything personal

“why would i want that?”


the world is incredible. there are girls in this world, and there are also dogs. you can put melted cheese on any type of potato.  sometimes flowers grow even when nobody is there to water them. right now on this same planet where we live there are people who are in love with each other kissing each other on the nose. emotions and colours are both things that exist. everything is so great


everything personal
each one of my thoughts is a line of poetry lately

the sound of your heart shattering still haunts me sometimes when it’s quiet. does it not haunt you? was it louder for me than it was for you? i’m just trying to figure out why you are not staying far far away from me


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"The Last Billboard" 
A 36-foot-long billboard located at the corner of Highland and Baum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every month, a different individual is invited to take over the billboard to broadcast personalized messages, which are spelt out using wooden letters that are changed by hand.
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